Meydan City or Meydan (which means a “gathering place” in Arabic) is known for the Meydan Racecourse, the official venue for the Dubai World Cup and other horse-riding tournaments. However, this area isn’t only known for these events; Meydan also has plenty of commercial and residential properties ready for occupancy. The community’s residential options include apartment complexes, hotel towers, villas, and townhouses. The housing areas are designed and constructed to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and equipped with a proper waste management system. All communities here are near restaurants, spas, salons, swimming clubs, and movie theaters. There is no lack of running tracks, cycling paths, and children’s play areas here, either. Additionally, Meydan City boasts the Meydan Marina, a golf course, a horse racing gallery and museum, and Dubai One Tower, the current tallest residential tower in the world. Meydan is one of the top communities offering luxurious standards of living and the best business opportunities in Dubai.

Need a hand with doing your laundry in Meydan? Let us assist you. We provide garment, bedding, and towel cleaning solutions for residences in or near this area. We also offer recycling services to help you reduce your recyclables at home.

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Our facility has been recognized as one of the world's best by CINET in 2020.

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