Dry cleaning service for home linens

For all your linens

Fill the HomeCare® bag with maximum 15 home items that need cleaning and perfect pressing.
The whole bag costs only AED 77!

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Fill the bag with

Bed cover
Duvet cover
Pillow case
Table cloth
Table mat

Your items are safe with us


Brought to you in partnership with Míele, the program is designed to fully mimic the mechanics of hand-washing your garment in cold water, while providing the ultimate level of care possible for all of your belongings.

Low temperature water

100% Steam

Steam pressing ensures that your items don't lose form and texture over time.
We will deliver your items perfectly pressed and packaged. All you need to do is neatly tuck them in your closet.

Kills germs and viruses at 150°C

No more folding fitted sheets. Try HomeCare® today!