Laundry washing & folding service

Fill it to the neck!

This service is perfect for items suitable for high-temperature laundry wash without pressing. We'll wash, dry and neatly fold your items. Stuff the bag with as many items as you can for only AED 66 per bag!

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Fill the bag with

Casual wear

Why the Blue bag is perfect for your laundry washing

Fill it up!

Stuff as many items as you can for a set price of ONLY AED 66 PER BAG! The Wash & Fold bag can hold up to 2 full laundry loads you would do at home

Save precious time

We did the math and found that you can free up almost 4 hours of your week just by letting us handle your washing and laundry folding. No more pairing socks and folding clothes!

Easiest laundry-day!

All you have to do is place an order via our app. A Washmen driver will collect your bags and deliver them back on your desired day and time. You don't even need to be at home!

Clothes are not mixed with other customers

All garments are split by color

Eco-friendly detergents on all garments

All garments are washed at 40°C

All garments are tumble dried

Only AED 66 per bag

Perfect for bulk washing.
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