Clean & Press

Your clothes are safe with us

Clean & Press ensures your clothes get the best treatment to avoid shrinkage, color loss and more. We perfectly press your items using professional steam pressing machines.

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Your clothes are in safe hands


Brought to you in partnership with Míele, the program is designed to fully mimic the mechanics of hand-washing your garment in cold water, while providing the ultimate level of care possible for all of your belongings.

Gentle mechanical wash
Low temperature water


Unlike any other laundry in the UAE, Washmen avoids dryers! Instead, your items are air dried. This natural drying process allows your clothes to maintain shape and color for as long as possible.

No damage or shrinkage
Clothes last longer and feel new

100% Steam

Whilst at home and at most laundries, it's common to use hot plates to iron clothes. We don't. Using 100% steam, Washmen ensures your clothes' colors and textures are not compromised.

Clothes retain shape and vibrant colors
Kills germs and viruses at 150°C

Professional care for your clothes.

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