Our hygiene standards & practices

In light of the global COVID-19 situation, we want to reassure our customers of the measures Washmen is taking. We are closely following directives from the WHO, CDC, and our global textile care partners (CINET) on ensuring compliance with the highest standard when it comes to hygiene and fighting the virus.

We're taking safety measures

100% Steam

After cleaning, all your clothes area steam pressed at temperatures between 120-150 degrees Celcius, double the temperature needed to kill germs, flus and viruses, as per the CDC.

Chemicals to disinfect

Your clothes are cleaned with up to 11 different eco-friendly chemicals which include disinfectants that are effective against flus and viruses.

We use VitalOxide disinfectant spray, the Dubai Municipality approved sanitizer.

Safe pickups & dropoffs

Our drivers are always wearing gloves, while picking up and dropping off your clothes.

Disinfect bags at dropoff

The Washmen drivers now carryVitalOxide, to disinfect your bags at every drop-off. This kills all viruses.

Wear gloves

Everyone at the Washmen facility is required to wear gloves at all times during shifts.

Wear masks at all times

All Washmen employees are always  wearing masks, to protect you, and themselves from fumes and viruses.

Sanitize hands

All Washmen employees are always wearing masks, to protect you, and themselves from fumes and viruses.

Disinfect surfaces

We regularly clean and disinfect  the machines and equipment at the facility to ensure optimal safety.

Drivers & Vans

Facility & Staff