Free recycling in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We're proud to offer the UAE's only free home recycling program.

Since July 2020, we've collected more than 11,250 KGs of recyclables and handed them over to our sustainability partners Bee'ah.

How it works?

Step 1  Fill all your recyclables in a Washbag
Step 2  Stick the recycling sticker on the bag
Step 3  After placing an order, leave the recycling bags outside your door along with your laundry.
Step 4  A Washmen driver will pickup all the bags and hand-off your recycling to our sustainability partners.

Paper & cardboard
Washmen packaging
Tin cans
Food waste

All-in for a sustainable future

Throughout the years, we've done our best to reduce our carbon footprint. Since 2015, we've set out to make our business as sustainable as we can. In addition to our recycling service in Dubai, here are some of the projects we've recently implemented, and some we're still working very hard on.

Solar panels to partly power our facility

Installing solar panels to power our facility would cut our energy use by 25%. This would be the largest installation of solar panels for a retail laundry in the world!

Microplastic filtration & waste-water recycling

Implementing this system could save up to 50% of water consumption at our facility! Minimizing the use of water goes a long way to keeping the environment healthy.

Aiming for a fully electric fleet by 2026

Making this change will allow our cars to emit less air pollution and greenhouse gases which creates better air quality for all of us to breathe. 

Use only eco-friendly detergents

Our cleaning agents are tested to be safe for all types of skin and babies

Use environmentally friendly & sustainable cleaning programs

Ozone cleaning
This method uses minimal water and detergent to clean at low temperatures. Ozone cleaning helps us reduce water and energy consumption.

Wet cleaning
This method cleans at low temperatures while mimicking the hand wash action done at home. All detergents used are biodegradable.

Green Earth
Green Earth is an environmentally friendly alternative to dry-cleaning.