About Washmen

Sick of local laundromat incompetence, in 2015 we launched Washmen, a digital laundry & dry cleaning service to put an end to laundry-related misery. Since then, our mission has been to replace the machines you have at home using state-of-the-art technology and user friendly app.

We're an award-winning pioneer in our industry, well recognized for our quality, consistency and convenience. We currently operate in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and touch more than 8,000 doorsteps a month! Our offices in Dubai, Beirut & Istanbul are home to a growing team of young professionals.

"We had to build our own facility in order to scale across the region with the quality and hygiene customers expect"

- Rami Shaar, CEO

Our award winning facility

After spending 18 months in R&D, scouring the world’s 20 best laundries (from traditional leaders in quality from France and Germany to tech pioneers in Singapore, South Korea and China), our quest to provide the best laundry service in the world came to a crescendo in 2015.

You might think laundry is a dull affair. And whilst we acknowledge this widely held sentiment, when it is done with the level of care and technological sophistication seen at our 30,000 SQFT facility, we’re confident that you can’t help but be impressed.

We track items history using unique QR codes

Each item is tagged with its own unique QR code and added to our cloud-based logs. This allows the laundry team to access an item’s history and view the item’s past stains, damages and even the cleaning programs used within our facility. This helps minimize mistakes and maximize quality.

We have eyes on your clothes at all times

We tag each item we receive with an RFID tag. This tag allows us to track and follow any item along its' journey at our facility, making it easier to investigate and eliminate errors.

Your clothes are in safe hands

Not all garments are cleaned equally. Each item you send us requires a special cleaning program to ensure it stays in shape, doesn't lose color and lasts longer. We have more than 50 cleaning programs that cater to all item types and needs.

We hand-wash with OptiClean® technology

In partnership with Míele, the program is designed to fully mimic the gentle movements of hand-washing your garment in cold water, while providing the ultimate level of care possible.

Your clothes' lives just got longer with OptiDry® technology

Unlike any other laundry in the UAE, we avoid dryers! At Washmen, your items are air dried overnight. This natural drying process allows your clothes to maintain shape and color for as long as possible, giving them a longer lifespan.

Your items are perfectly steam pressed

Whilst at home and at most laundries, it's common to use hot plates to iron clothes. We don't. Using 100% steam, Washmen ensures your clothes' colors and textures are not compromised.