Jumeirah Park is a peaceful neighborhood named after the lovely, landscaped spaces surrounding each home. This 350-hectare land holds clusters of houses designed with three major architectural styles: regional, heritage, and rustic.

Considered one of Dubai’s largest villa communities, Jumeirah Park holds a unique charm you’ll find only in neighborhoods in the Emirate. It is located a short drive from the busy districts but remains tucked away from the noise and rush. As such, it serves as the perfect tranquil space for families and anyone who wishes to have a peaceful life whilst enjoying the perks of city living.

This family-centric community has everything you could ask for: green parks, children’s play areas, gyms, sports courts, and a community clubhouse. They even have their own private pools and other state-of-the-art amenities, including laundry service.

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Your clothes are in safe hands. Our 30,000 ft² facility houses some of the world's best machines and technology. It's designed to clean, sanitize, and minimize fabric strain while maximizing water and energy efficiency for the benefit of the environment.

Our facility has been recognized as one of the world's best by CINET in 2020.

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