Dubai Villas, also known as The Villa, is one of the newest residential communities in Dubailand, Dubai. The villas here range from four to seven bedrooms, all with gardens and parking spaces. The most luxurious properties even come with private pools and fountains. The Villa is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Dubai due to its beautiful homes and cascades of stunning lakes, gardens, and desert. It has a community center where you can find several shops, salons, spas, and sports facilities. It also has a mosque and play area for children. Aside from these, there are several grounds, parks, tennis courts, restaurants, and cafes within the gated community. The Villa is a safe, idyllic community away from the hustle and bustle of city life, making it the perfect place for families.

Looking for an easy, stress-free way to do your laundry in Dubai Villas? We have the answer. Our laundry washing services include pick up and delivery. Simply use our app to schedule the pickup, choose the service, and leave your laundry bag outside your door. We’ll deliver your clean items as soon as they’re done.

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HomeCare for all your home linens
Clean & Press for professional garment care
Wash & Fold for items that don't need pressing
ShoeCare for cleaned and restored shoes
Press Only for clean clothes that need pressing

Contactless pickup and delivery

Schedule an order on our app and place your laundry bags outside your door. It's that easy! A Washmen driver will pick up and deliver your items contact free.

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Your clothes are in safe hands. Our 30,000 ft² facility houses some of the world's best machines and technology. It's designed to clean, sanitize, and minimize fabric strain while maximizing water and energy efficiency for the benefit of the environment.

Our facility has been recognized as one of the world's best by CINET in 2020.

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