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Nov 10, 2022
2 min

Laundry mistakes you're probably making

So by now, you’re wondering why your clothes are rapidly wearing out and fading. This is probably because you’re ignoring some commonly made mistakes. You need to carefully treat your laundry to extend your favorite t-shirt’s lifespan. So, we decided to grasp your attention over the vital fabrics’ enemies you need to avoid.

Washing items with a dry clean label

Your first essential step should refer to label reading since each clothing type has a specific way to wash. Each clothing label should tell you what the fabric is made from and include up to five symbols that let you know how to care for it. Some might need a hand wash, and others might require professional dry cleaning or separate wash.

Dry cleaning is not completely a dry treatment, however, specific solvents are used instead of washing with water and detergents to clothes with the following laundry symbols:

  • Circle Sign: dry cleaning sign
  • Letters: certain solvents should be used
  • Dashes: cautious treating. The number of dashes indicate how delegate the fabric is.
  • Crossed Circle: the fabric should not be dry cleaned.

Although some items like cotton, durable polyester, and linen need to be dry cleaned, they can be washed as long as you’re avoiding:

  • Mixes: Use a mesh bag to separate these delicate fabrics from other clothes in the wash.
  • Normal detergents: Rely on mild detergents that gently clean your stains on surface levels without abrasive substances and harsh enzymes.
  • Normal cycle: Make sure you apply these items under the mildest wash cycle.

  • Warm/hot water:  Cold water is best for delicate, and general fabrics, as it saves the dye and avoids shrinkage of apparel.

On the other hand, some extremely delicate fabrics like wool, velvet, silk, and leather still need extremely special treatment. In this case, you’ll have to rely on a trusted dry cleaner and have our Washmen professionals work this through.

Overusing bleach

Bleach has effective cleaning attributes due to its oxidation properties, but it exposes your fabrics to huge deterioration in the longer term.  Bleach leaves yellow and orange stains on your colored  clothes and severely damages wool, spandex, mohair, and silk.

Buttoning & unzipping

Zippers: The zipper’s teeth are considered the garments' worst enemy since they reach out to other fabrics and tears them out; so make sure you zip before washing.

Buttons: You certainly wouldn’t want to show up at your meetings with a buttonless shirt. Unbutton all your shirts before washing since buttoning can apply more stress and pressure on the buttons which could loosen the stitching and tear them out.

Harsh stain removal

Rubbing the stains rapidly and roughly only expands the stained area and damages the entwines of your fabric.  It’s preferable to gently pre-treat your stains as early as possible and dab the area outside-in with a white cloth to avoid color transfer.

Washmen all the way!

The process will need extra cautiousness that may not  fit your busy schedule and needs professional, and convenient control. You can easily reach out to Washmen’s team anywhere in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to carefully treat your laundry with the utmost care and immediate service.

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