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Nov 10, 2022
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Increase your wardrobe's lifespan

Your wardrobe is usually categorized as one of your greatest durable assets and you’ll need to rethink the way you handle it to increase its longevity. Your washing, ironing, and storing techniques might wear out your favorite outfits!

Here are some simple hacks you should start implementing today to increase your wardrobe’s lifespan:

Find The Sweet Spot Between Over-washing and Under-washing

Although washing your clothes makes your items look “good as new”, you're only decreasing their durability. So, you’ll need to avoid staining  your clothes as much as possible.

  • Wear an apron
  • Wear your clothes after you’re done with your makeup and hair to avoid any scattered stains

At the same time, avoid leaving your laundry unwashed for a long time, as that could leave stubborn stains and odors.
Once you decide to do your laundry, make sure you:

  • Use cold water, hot water is damaging for your fabric and hues.
  • Reduce the number of detergents used.
  • Use mesh bags especially with laundry loads and delicate fabrics. This will avoid any damage or color transfer.

Invest in Your Clothes

You really can’t blame it on your laundry’s techniques if the clothing itself is a poor quality fabric. So mind these tips to choose your hard-wearing fabrics:

Synthetic, Natural, or a Blend?

  • Natural fabrics are denim, leather, silk, and cotton and they usually cost more.
  • Synthetics include Nylon, Acrylics, Spandex, and Polyester.
  • Blends are fabrics that consist of both natural and synthetic.

Choose the most suitable fabric based on your budget and preferences. But remember that the more you invest in your clothes the more money you’re saving in the longer term.

Color Fading

Scrutinize your clothes after a wash. Check whether the hues are fading or not. If the color fastens (fades), you certainly need to switch to other fabrics to save your money and your other items. In case you feel the shade got lighter or pale, you can just dye the item for a quick fix.

Air Dry Instead of Machine Dry

You should fully dry your clothes to eliminate moisture that can cause mold and odor, but using a dryer costs you much more than the electric bill payment. It actually reduces your apparel’s quality, probably shrinks your clothes, and has major impacts on your environment. Therefore, air drying is an excellent alternative.
With air-drying you can:

  • Save money
  • Prevent environmental damage
  • Give your clothes some freshness
  • Maintain your clothes shape
  • Have cleanliness scents
  • And most importantly, extend your clothes lifetime

Heat and Moist Free

Speaking of freshness, your clothes need a breath and not only when air drying.

Clothes are usually stacked in closets and sometimes items are left unworn the whole season. In this case, you’ll have to give your apparel a slight break to grasp some fresh air and to ensure that they are moisture and heat-free to avoid any moldiness.

Empty Those Pockets

Before you toss your items into the washing machine, make sure that you’ve checked every pocket to be completely free. Free from tissues, pins, sharp objects, or any staining cloth that will turn your clothes into a nightmare with the machine’s agitation.

Boy You Turn Me Inside Out, Round And Round

You’d think we’re quoting Diana Ross, but actually this is the best method to clean your dark clothes and denim! Once clothes are flipped inside-out, the dirtiest part will get the greatest exposure to the detergents and the external fabric will stay safe and saturated.

Just Use Washmen!

You truly spend a lot more than you think on clothing whether you avoid stepping in the mall or you’re a true fashionista, and saving your items is something longed for. What was previously discussed represents some simple procedures to save your closet, however, if you long for the utmost care service that saves your money, suits your busy schedule, and gives you the results you’re looking for in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then just use Washmen!

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