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Nov 10, 2022
2 min

How to sort your laundry

So you’re suffering from bleached clothes, lint and fuzzy sweatpants, streaks on your favorite shirt, shrunken sweaters, dull and shady white shirts that magically turn out pink? If this hasn’t happened yet, well, it certainly can be your worst nightmare! Washmen’s laundry sorting tips will help you avoid these issues:

Read the Clothing Label

Your first essential step should refer to label reading since each clothing type has a specific way to wash. Each clothing label should tell you what the fabric is made from and include up to five symbols that let you know how to care for it. Some might need a hand wash, and others might require professional dry cleaning or separate wash.

Sort by Colors

A redshirt has sneaked in with your white load and turned everything to a shade of pink. This can happen if you have a garment that contains dyes that may be easily affected when washed in a detergent containing bleach. Color sort all pastels and whites in a wash while dark in another and saturated hues in a third to avoid color transfer.
* Tip: Use your partitioned basket to save time when sorting your piles.

Separate Lint Producing and Attracting

Always separate lint-producing and attracting fabrics. Producers include terry cloth towels, flannel pajamas, and chenille items. Whereas attractors can potentially get lint all over your other clothes, have any dark fabrics, corduroy, and synthetic blend fabrics (made from natural and synthetic fabric).


In case you have stains on your garments, make sure you pretreat the stains and later apply them in a separate wash to avoid the transfer of spots and odors to other clothes. You’ll need to treat your apparel with utmost care while destaining these stubborn spots to prevent any damage.

Just Use Washmen!

This indeed sounds like a massive pile of work, and the laundry has even been done yet! So we’d say drop the hassle and have Washmen do this for you at their award-winning laundry facility.

Washmen is available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to conveniently serve you with our three-bags system. Try our laundry pickup and delivery service by simply placing an order on our app. Enjoy a contactless experience that will get your laundry professionally done in the least amount of time! Allow yourself to get this laundry service near you; Washmen’s got you!

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