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Home recycling
Dubai, UAE

We recycle all your home plastic & paper

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With your next Washmen laundry order:

  • RECYCLE  your plastic & paper.
  • RE-USE all Washmen bags & hangers.

Recycling. Simplified.

Leave us your home waste

Washmen collects, recycles and reuses
ALL your home plastic & paper.

How it works?

Gather all your plastic & paper home recyclables.

Step 1

Washmen will recycle or reuse your plastic & paper waste.

Step 2

On your next Washmen order, place the recyclables next to your laundry pick up.

Step 3

We accept

Plastic waste (i.e. bottles)

We don't accept

Paper waste (i.e. cardboards)

Glass waste (i.e. glasses)

Tin cans (i.e. tuna cans)

Washmen waste (i.e. hangers)

Food waste (i.e. stale burger)

  • Recycling fee of AED 1 has been added on every Washmen order to support operations
  • If no laundry order is placed AED 45 minimum fee applies
  • Only plastic & paper waste
  • No FOOD nor food contaminated items accepted
  • If T&Cs are not respected, drivers reserve the right to refuse recyclables pick up