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Do you have an active brain, a good soul, get stimulated by challenges, are committed to going the extra mile and want a great place to deliver your best work ever? We'd like to hear from you.

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How we started

Sick of local laundromat incompetence, in 2015 we launched Washmen, a digital laundry & dry cleaning service to put an end to laundry-related misery. Since then, our mission has been to replace your washing and drying machines using state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly app.

Where we're at

We're an award-winning pioneer in our industry, well recognized for our quality, consistency and convenience. We currently operate in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and touch more than 8,000 doorsteps a month!

Our offices in Dubai, Beirut & Istanbul are home to a growing team of young professionals.

Our values

Strive to learn and grow

We relish the chance to grow and share what we’ve learned so that others can evolve, too.

Support each other

We help our colleagues, treat them with respect, and celebrate their achievements.

Communicate directly

We know that whatever the question, communication is the answer.

Optimize for results

We focus on why and what, instead of how. We look for ways to simplify improve the outcome

Get it done

We aim to deliver quality results that elevate user experiences, and do it the right way.

Curious mind

Ask questions and get involved with other teams to learn more outside your specialty.

Open roles

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