All Your Weekly Laundry for AED 55

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AED 55 

Stuff it to the neck.

For AED 55 per bag, the Wash & Fold Bag is an ideal solution for t-shirts, shorts, gym clothes, undergarments, linens & more!

Items in this bag will be washed, dried & folded (no ironing)

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Step 1

Download the Washmen app and place a Flex Order. Credit or debit card payments accepted.

Step 2

At pickup, a driver will provide you with the Wash & Fold Bag. Stuff it to the neck!

Step 3

Within 1 or 2 days your clean laundry will be delivered. Your credit card will be charged and an itemized receipt will be emailed.

How it works

Nothing beats it.

Eco-friendly detergents

Gentle on your skin & clothes

Fresh smell & brighter colors

Colors split accordingly

(No color bleeds)

Clothes washed separately

(No mixing with other customers)

Opti-Dry® Technology

(No overdrying)

Laundry. Simplified.

Wash & Fold for AED 55