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Our 5 reasons to love Adidas Stan Smith’s?


As the shoe is in the name of Stan Smith the tennis player, the shoes remain crisp white and the iconic three stripes of the Adidas logo were replaced with perforated stripes making the shoes look more minimal. An added bold green and Stan Smiths tongue proved to be a hit and its ability to go along with any outfit.


If you follow some social media influencers and bloggers you must have seen the Stan Smith’s and probably a lot of them. Unlike many other fashion pieces which don’t go with other outfits. These get affordable and easy to clean too.

Athleisure trend

These days a combination of fashion and athletics is coming into form. This means that adoption of sports materials in clothing or sports inspired cuts, our clothes are simply becoming more sporty with comfort being offered without the sacrifice of style.


Stan Smiths have a huge celebrity following thanks to Adidas’s social media campaign involving celebrities and social media influencers. From Pharell to Ellen, celebrity backing to these sneakers is endless.


The best part about Stan Smith’s is its tendency to age well. These sneakers are timeless making them better looking with time. As they are plain white, the power to customize and create your own design on them opens a whole new world of creativity

adidas stan smith

Who is Stan Smith?

Stanely Roger Smith is a former world No. 1 American tennis player and two time Grand Slam singles champion. He is now retired but has more than 100 titles of singles and doubles game under his belt. In 2005 TENNIS magazine ranked him 35th of ’40 Greatest Players of the Tennis Era’. Smith is also inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

adidas stan smith

How to win?

Two things matter when it comes to style: cleanness and sharpness. Be clean with Washmen and be sharp with a timeless classic like Stan Smith! It’s very simple:

  • Until July 31st July 2017, order as much as you can with Washmen
  • Use promo-code BESHARP every time you order.
  • The more you order the more chances you get to win.

So there you have it, get your personal pair of a timeless sneakers by simply doing your laundry.

Author: Rami Shaar

Rami is the CEO and Co-Founder of Washmen. He started off his career in investment banking and private equity. To satisfy his entrepreneurial craving, he joined UBER in Dubai as one of the early employees that help build UBER in the region. Throughout his life and career, he always felt the pain of laundry days and has decided to do something about it!


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