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You can refer your friends to Washmen and each get up to ONE YEAR OF FREE laundry.

How to share your code?

There are a couple of ways to get your code out there. You can invite your friends to Washmen through the FREE LAUNDRY page on our website or through the app, by choosing “Get Free Washes” on the bottom of the main screen.

It’s super easy! You can push out your code through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or by email.

Washmen newbies can also enter your unique referral code directly into the “Promo” screen of their app when signing up.

How to redeem your credits?

Referred person: The new person you refer gets FREE credit right away — they’ll see it in the ‘Payment’ section of their app.

Referring person: You will receive an email from us with a special promo-code as soon as the new person signs up and places the FIRST order.

There are different Milestones the referring person can achieve:

⚡️ 1 friend = AED 20 credits
⚡️ 3 friends = AED 150 credits
⚡️ 5 friends = AED 350 credits
⚡️ 10 friends = AED 800 credits
⚡️ 50 friends = 1 year of FREE laundry up to AED 5000

Terms and Conditions

  • To receive referral & credit count, your invitees must be new to Washmen and must enter your code before their first order.
  • Milestones prizes are not cumulative
  • A special code will be sent to the referrer registered email account for every milestone achieved.
  • Upon reaching a milestone, the referrer will be able to decide whether to redeem the milestone prize or keep referring to achieve the next milestone.
  • By signing up, invitees receive free wash credits.
  • Referral and bonus credits are valid for 1 year.
  • Credits are only valid for use on the Washmen platform and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Author: Rami Shaar

Rami is the CEO and Co-Founder of Washmen. He started off his career in investment banking and private equity. To satisfy his entrepreneurial craving, he joined UBER in Dubai as one of the early employees that help build UBER in the region. Throughout his life and career, he always felt the pain of laundry days and has decided to do something about it!