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The Story Behind Washmen Home Recycling Program 

We recently read an article about a whale found dead with 29 Kg of plastic in its stomach. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

We realized that we had to do something. We can’t just ignore the problem and wait for someone else to take action.

So, we came up with an idea: instead of picking up just dirty laundry, why wouldn’t we also pick up plastic and paper recyclables? That’s how the idea of the Washmen Home Recycling Program started.

We Pick Up not Just Washmen, but All Your Home Plastic & Paper.

You’re probably wondering how to get started, right? Well, It’s pretty simple, I promise:

  • Gather all plastic and paper waste in a Washmen Bag
  • Place your laundry order via Washmen
  • Put your recyclables next to your laundry bag
  • Our drivers pick it up. We will know what to do 😉

Important (T&Cs)

  • PLASTIC & PAPER ONLY (no food contamination).
  • AED 1 recycling fee added to all orders for operations support.
  • If no laundry order is placed, AED 45 minimum fee applies.
  • Washmen extra-bags & hangers are taken back for reuse.
  • If T&Cs are not respected, drivers reserve the right to refuse recyclables pick up

We Do not Accept 

  • Metal tins, cans & glass
  • FOOD & organic waste (earth, plants etc..)

What If You Have More Questions..

Visit our F.A.Q! That’s where we’ve broken down the full process and listed all the questions that might arise. Here’s the link.

We Want To Show The World That..

You don’t need big budgets and suited up analysts to take action. Agility and mindset is the driving force. If Washmen, a young tech company with lean resources and low operating margins can do it, anyone, literally any company has the power to do something.

So, if you read this far into this post, push your company (whether it is your own company or the one that employs you) to take action. Big or small. There are no excuses.

Author: Rami Shaar

Rami is the CEO and Co-Founder of Washmen. He started off his career in investment banking and private equity. To satisfy his entrepreneurial craving, he joined UBER in Dubai as one of the early employees that help build UBER in the region. Throughout his life and career, he always felt the pain of laundry days and has decided to do something about it!