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7 stain removal laundry hacks you need to know now

February 07, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

Stains on your clothes suck. Red wine stains on your white blazer, grass stains on your jeans, oil stains on your silk scarf: you’re never sure if they’ll come off. Read on for a few hacks to banish stains. But, remember, the earlier you work on removing them, the easier it is. The best part […]


The Dangers of Indoor Laundry Drying (It’s Riskier than You Think)

February 07, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

Ever shrunk your favourite sweater in the wash or accidentally turned your whites to pinks, thanks to a forgotten red sock in the machine? Turns out these might not be your worst laundry nightmares. Research indicates that drying laundry indoors can increase the moisture level in your home by at least a third. High levels […]

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