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Do Your Laundry In Less Than 5 Seconds!

July 06, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

  Ok you might wonder how we came up with this idea. Why we’ve decided to launch INSTA-ORDER in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We were just trying to figure out new disruptive and alternative ways for customers to use our app. After reviewing and analyzing customer behavior patterns, we came up with INSTA-ORDER, simply because we believe […]

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messy wardbrobe 5 easy ways to declutter the wardrobe

5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe!

June 11, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

Remember when your parents shouted at you for not keeping your wardrobe organized? Well, years have passed and some of us still have a messy wardrobe (raising hand in guilt). Here are the 5 easy ways to declutter your wardrobe! Long Story Short: Throw it all out to sort them according to wearability factor. Use the […]

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care label womans hand mysterious care labels explained

Mystery Care Symbols Explained!

May 24, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

Is that itch from your new garment bothering you? You tried reading the strange itchy cloth and didn’t understand anything. Well, this guide is here to solve those mysterious care symbols which are actually for care instructions for you to know how to wash your clothes. Long Story Short: A bucket of water is for […]

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