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Remember when your parents shouted at you for not keeping your wardrobe organized? Well, years have passed and some of us still have a messy wardrobe (raising hand in guilt). Here are the 5 easy ways to declutter your wardrobe!

Long Story Short: Throw it all out to sort them according to wearability factor. Use the hanger trick to know which one has to go and finally earn 10 karma points for donating the unused clothes to charity.

Long Story:  Hogwarts has ‘Wingardium Leviousa’ to rearrange your clothes perfectly. Here on earth, we have to do it without the magic spells & as you are among those who want to set themselves free from your wardrobe clutter nightmare.

#1. Throw Them Out of The Wardrobe

To get started, empty out your closet. This will help you to see how much room you have and find clothes you may have forgotten about. Fashion experts have found that most people only wear around 20% of their wardrobe, so clear out your closet of items you no longer wear or need.

messy wardrobe 5 easy ways to declutter your wardrobe

#2. ‘Keep, Maybe, Donate’

Once your closet is empty, you will be ready to begin sorting through your items. Create Keep, Maybe, Donate piles. In the ‘Keep’ pile, place clothing that you have worn within the past month. In the ‘Maybe’ pile, add pieces that you have not worn in six months and could possibly get rid of. In the ‘Donate’ pile, place items you no longer need or want to be donated to charity.

#3. Use That Extra Closet/Bin

If you are like most people, you have coats or fancy dresses that you need but do not often wear. Use an extra closet or bin to store such items safely until needed. Make a note on the clothing of when you stored away. If you find that in a year you have not worn the items, it might be time to donate!

#4. ‘Hang’ On

One tip that can help you with the cleaning out process over time is our little hanging secret. Once you have worn an item, hang it back in your closet but place the hanger the opposite way. If you find that after 3 to 6 months the item is still hanging in the opposite way that it should be, then you are not wearing the item. Consider donating to make way for new clothing.

hanger 5 easy ways to de clutter your wardrobe

#5. Prioritize Quality

As always, keep your wanted clothing in top condition by reaching out to us. Schedule a pickup and drop off of your clothing to fit your timeline with high-quality wash, fold, and dry cleaning services available. Simply download the app whether you are in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and rest assured we’ll care for your laundry.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands to declutter, consider hiring a full-time maid for your Dubai or Abu Dhabi home.

BONUS TIP: Got some bed sheets you want to clean? By following these 5 easy ways to declutter your wardrobe, next time your parents come over, show them how neat and organized you have been.  


Author: Rami Shaar

Rami is the CEO and Co-Founder of Washmen. He started off his career in investment banking and private equity. To satisfy his entrepreneurial craving, he joined UBER in Dubai as one of the early employees that help build UBER in the region. Throughout his life and career, he always felt the pain of laundry days and has decided to do something about it!