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Pricing - Washmen UAE

We offer washing, dry cleaning and pressing services.


Shirt, T-shirt, Blouse
Clean + Press
Press Only


Pants, Jeans, Skirts
Clean + Press
AED 12
Press Only

All You Can Wash Bag
for AED 79*

For a set AED 79, we will wash, dry and fold your clothes.
This service is ideal for t-shirts, shorts, gym clothes, undergarments, bedsheets & more.

Average bag could hold 40 items.
Terms below*

Dry clean or wash? Let us take care of the decision making as we know what’s best for your delicate clothes. Your clothes will be cleaned based on the care label instructions after a full inspection by our team.

(All prices in AED)

Press Only

Clean & Press

Shirt, T-Shirt, Blouse 6 9
Shorts 8 10
Pants, Skirt, Jeans 9 12
2 Piece Suit 26 39
Coat 22 35
Kandura 7 12
Gathra 5 7
Abaya 7 12
Jacket 22 35
Scarf 5 7
Tie 5 7
Vest 7 10
Overcoat 25 38

(All prices in AED)

Press Only

Clean & Press

Casual Dress  15 25
Evening/Formal Dress  30 40
 Saree, Sherwani 40 60
Pyjama Pants 4 6
Pyjama Full Set 8 12
Sweater 10 15
Pillow 10 10
Bedsheet (Any Size) 12 15
Pillow Case 4 5
Bathrobe 10 15
Towel 4 5
Duvet, Comforter 18 35
Underwear, Bra, Socks 2 2

*Terms - All You Can Wash Bag

  • Make sure your clothes and household items are suitable for 40 degrees celcius washing and tumble dry
  • Service does not include pressing
  • Each bag will be charged at AED 79, additional bags will be charged at the same price
  • Bags that are overfilled and do not close will be charged as an additional bag for AED 79

Other Charges

Service Fee

AED 5 service fee is applied on all order. Look for the HAPPY HOUR times when selecting pickup and drop off to save AED 5-10 off your total bill.

Minimum Billing

Our minimum billing per order is AED 45. So if your order comes out to less than AED 45 i.e. AED 38, you will be charged AED 45.

Next Day Surcharge

A surcharge of 50% on the final bill is applied for orders scheduled for next day delivery. This is to ensure that your items are processed with care and quality in a narrow time window.

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