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care label womans hand mysterious care labels explained

Mystery Care Symbols Explained!

May 24, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

Is that itch from your new garment bothering you? You tried reading the strange itchy cloth and didn’t understand anything. Well, this guide is here to solve those mysterious care symbols which are actually for care instructions for you to know how to wash your clothes. Long Story Short: A bucket of water is for […]

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asian woman sleeping on clean blue sheets 6 easy ways to wash your bedsheets

6 Easy Ways to Wash Your Bedsheets

May 11, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

It’s been a long night and you are exhausted, waiting to dive on your bed and get that well-deserved sleep you need. A complete turn off in this scenario would be when you haven’t washed those bedsheets in a while. They might smell of sweat and dust. What do you do? You follow these 6 […]

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7 Things Women Love About Washmen

February 28, 2017 | By : Rami Shaar

If, as a woman, you too found yourself asking “Why Washmen, why not Washwomen?”, you’d be interested to know that many out there have asked Jad, my co-founder, and I the same exact question, and our answer never seemed to surprise anyone, just like we know it won’t surprise you. Can you imagine if we’d […]

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